My travel schedule became quite intense following a promotion I received a few months prior, and both I and my family were struggling with my lack of physical presence at home.  I found myself the evening of Memorial Day packing my suitcase for another business trip.  At the same time my four year-old daughter refused to listen to one of my requests and as a result, she was in her bedroom for a timeout.  While this method had worked with my son, my daughter wanted nothing to do with it.  I was still in search of effective consequences, but tonight I was going to stick with my decision, stay consistent and require her to be in her room for a four-minute timeout.

With her door open I could hear screaming and crying.  I ignored her.  More screaming.  I still ignored her.  But now I could hear something landing in the hallway.  She was lobbing each and every stuffed animal out her bedroom door.  Over and over again I could hear the bounce coupled with her screaming and crying.  I was now the one bursting into tears!

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