Back-to-School season is here and I enjoy reflecting on my glory days as a sorority girl!  I’m a proud Gamma Phi Beta from California State 

University, Fullerton and my years in sorority were filled with valuable lessons that I incorporated into my life as a young woman.  And though these lessons weren’t created by Gamma Phi Beta, they were consistently weaved into who we were and what we stood for.  As I’m now approaching forty I realize many of these lessons are still with my today, five of which I’ll never forget!

1.      Founded upon a rock

Originating from the Bible, Gamma Phi Beta chose this as its opening motto.  One of the founders wrote, “… the rock is the firmest and most enduring substance, able to withstand the ravages of time, and offering the strongest protection…”  In those college years my “rock” was made up of education, sorority sisters and family.  These offered a foundation for my future and protection from external forces as I made my way through the trenches into adulthood.  Today, while these are still in place, my rock has become stronger.  I’ve enhanced my education through reading, listening and attending seminars.  I’ve broadened the people those closest to me to now include my husband, children, new friends and coworkers.  Without a solid foundation, without those things and people that create the rock of my life, enduring the challenges and hardships that have crossed before me would’ve been much more difficult to overcome.

2.      You get out of it what you put into it

Just yesterday I shared this concept with the members of a BodyCombat group exercise class I teach at 24-Hour Fitness.  I emphasized the importance of utilizing correct form while executing the moves.  And this is simply because I believe if you’re going to take 55 minutes out of your day to attend a class, you might as well get the most out of it!  If you only put 50% effort into something, you can expect 50% or less in return.  But when you’re giving it everything you’ve got, in return you’ll receive more than you could’ve imagined!

3.      When you shoot for the moon you land among the stars

I mentioned this in my July 29th blog when asked about vision boards.  Some may argue that landing among the stars isn’t really achieving your goal, the goal of landing on the moon.  I understand that point, but I’d offer that in order to consistently grow, we must aim for what we think may be impossible, and know that sometimes we’ll reach that ostentatious goal and at other times we may fall short.  I’d personally rather strive for what I think may be impossible and land somewhere amazing, even if it’s not my big dream.  And I’d certainly rather have these goals versus no goals at all, which is what people oftentimes settle for.

4.      Everything happens for a reason

By my senior year this saying caused me to cringe…we used this response for anything and everything that didn’t seem to turn out how we expected it to!  But now I get it!  We may not like our current situation, but we are in that situation for a reason.  The universe has a plan for us and though we may not understand why an event is occurring, there’s a reason.  If for no other reason than to simply teach us a lesson, for us to grow from the situation.  This allows me the freedom at times to let go of the event, step back and ask, “What should I be learning from this?”

5.      It only takes a spark to get a fire glowing

This one touches my heart.  These words are lyrics from the song Pass it On and though it has a soft delivery, this lesson packs a powerful punch.  We each have dreams and desires but we don’t always work toward accomplishing them.  It might be a result of our fear of failure or waiting for things to be “perfect” before making a move.  Whatever the reason, this lesson reminds me that you simply need to get into action.  That one idea, that one conversation, that one act will start you on the path to achieving whatever it is you desire.  The fire can’t start without that first spark.  But once it gets going, it can burn brighter than you ever imagined.  But you need to just get into action.  Don’t wait!  Do something now!

Hope you enjoy your Back-to-School season!