Three Strategies to Capture the Power of Positivity

A friend challenged me on the validity of the power of positivity, sharing that he doesn't believe inspirational messages and motivational trainers can have an effect on the outcome of a person's life. He had my attention.

My friend's issue had to do with the questionable integrity and authenticity of those delivering the message. I agree. There are some so-called leaders and experts that do not truly believe in or live to the same standard as the advice they're giving. But I believe the impact doesn't have as much to do with who's delivering the message.

The true power of positivity lies within - how you receive it and act upon it.

Countless studies have proven that optimism and positive thinking help reduce stress, cope with disease, recover from illnesses and increase overall health and longevity.

What if you could advance in your career and have a healthier lifestyle by receiving and acting upon positivity? Wouldn't you at least try it out?

Begin to experience the power of positivity with three simple strategies.

1. Read/listen to inspirational material.  This high-impact morning activity can be easily accomplished in just a few minutes. Pick up a book that offers daily reflections, follow leaders that send daily emails or subscribe to experts that host daily podcasts. For busy commuters, use your travel time to listen to a motivational audiobook. This morning routine will bolster your enthusiasm and bring positive energy into not only your day, but to those around you

2. Create a positive environment. As a young child your parents were most likely concerned about the crowd you followed. But are you caring for yourself in the same way as an adult? Take inventory of those you spend time with. Attitudes are contagious and negativity is a disease that quickly spreads and brings down your spirit. Surround yourself with optimistic people to catch their positive influence and raise each other to a heightened level and desire to achieve more.

3. Be grateful.  Even in the worst of days you can find something to be grateful for. Reflect on your day and give thanks. Your thoughts can be recorded in a journal or said aloud before going to sleep. You can also create positivity beyond yourself by giving thanks to others through verbal or written appreciation. Positivity is a guaranteed outcome when you practice giving gratitude.

Final Thoughts

Practice one new strategy and within the first few days you should feel a positive change. Practice more and commit to daily engagement for at least 90 days and you'll truly experience the power of positivity.

What strategies do you incorporate to live a life of optimism?