Three Tips to Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

You just completed your holiday marathon!

You began months ago with preparation and planning and then you continued at a steady pace with shopping, wrapping gifts, cooking, baking, cleaning the house and attending an endless number of parties.  The holidays require your full amount of energy and enthusiasm to make it to the end.  And through all of it, my hope is that you had a chance to enjoy yourself with scrumptious goodies, quality conversations with friends and family and laughter to fill your soul.

Now that the holidays are complete, you may be feeling the post-holiday blues.  You’re not alone. In fact, nearly 25% of Americans feel some sort of low to high depression post-holidays. All of the hype and excitement, all of the events to look forward to, and then it's suddenly over.

But you can get past this post-holiday feeling and sprint into your new year in with these three tips.

Get back into routine.  During the holiday marathon you most likely went sideways on your typical routine. You skipped meals, and when you did eat, the food was loaded with extra sugar and fat.  You probably missed your regular workouts to make time for shopping, decorating or attending parties.  You went to bed late and slept fewer hours as you squeezed in all of these preparations and celebrations.

The quickest way to escape post-holiday blues is to jump back into routine.  Eat healthy and regularly scheduled meals, get back to exercising and go to bed and wake up at your regular time.   And if you didn't have a smart routine prior to the holidays, now is the best time to start!  Do not wait until January 1st.  Start today!

Declutter your home.  Between holiday decorations, serving dishes and an overabundance of gifts, there’s more than the typical clutter lying around your home.  But when there’s little to no clutter and our environment is streamlined, our stress lowers, we have less anxiety, we're happier and our mind can be open to new ideas.

Get to work organizing, reducing and decluttering this week.

Word of caution, do not be overwhelmed by trying to declutter your entire home in one day or even one month. Choose one area, not an entire room, simply one area, that you can declutter within the next few days.

The feeling of accomplishment and open space from tackling this one area will fuel you to continue on.  Once you've finished, make a goal to focus on another area within the next few weeks and continue on this trend.  Then watch as you become more creative and productive as you declutter your entire home.

Plan something to look forward to.  Parties, gifts and spending time with those we love are what we look forward to beginning November 1st and what make the holidays exciting.   Now that it’s done, you may be wondering, “Now what do I have to look forward to?”  This is when the post-holiday blues really set in.

Instead of dwelling on the past, plan the next thing you can look forward to. A simple way to start is by thinking of those you didn't get to spend quality time with during the holidays – your spouse, a distant friend or maybe even yourself. Reach out and set a date on the calendar to get together or enjoy an activity just for you.  An exciting event planned on the calendar will provide you with something to look forward to.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to get out of any post-holiday blues as quickly as possible so you're in the right head space to kick off the New Year with momentum and positive energy.  Implement these three simple strategies and you’ll be on the right path.

Do you have another idea on how to kick the post-holiday blues?  Share your thoughts to this question or any comments on this post.